Like most great ideas, was born out of necessity. With our roots deeply planted in the heart of Hollywood, our goal was to create the most user friendly and aesthetically pleasing movie poster database on the web. Having scoured the Internet for a website we felt did movie posters justice, we were still left wanting more.

The name 1SheetWizard stems from the proper industry name for posters, a One-Sheet. By definition one sheets are a single document that summarize a product for publicity and sales. No single piece of marketing material does exactly that as much as a movie poster.

Movie posters are beautiful pieces of art that are created to help promote and sell viewers on seeing the movie they represent. While being made with marketing in mind, movie posters still hold huge artistic value, often being framed and displayed around the world as art pieces.

The Wizard in our name comes from the desire to guide users through the search process and make it work seamlessly as if it was magic. We pride ourselves in the search functions and filters of our site and hope you enjoy them too. What better way to spend some time than viewing Hollywood history unveiled before your eyes on

DID YOU KNOW?! has great search functionality! Click on the orange gear directly to the left of the search field to open filter options such as: Genre, Year, and Poster Style type!

You can also search in specific categories by clicking on the drop down menu directly to the right of the search field (it will be in the side-menu on mobile devices). Categories include: Movie Title, Actor, Poster Agency, Director, and Movie Studio. is completley mobile! Our site works great on all your favorite devices including netbooks, tablets, and smart phones!

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